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sarah furlan

  • Ph.D
  • Research Fellow
  • Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua
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Recent publications

  • Children's Competence or Adults' Incompetence: Different Developmental Trajectories in Different Tasks.

    • Furlan S
    • Agnoli F
    • Reyna V
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  • Changes within Null Hypothesis Significance Testing: better statistics for better decisions

    • Agnoli F
    • Furlan S

Professional experience

Research Fellow

Faculty of Psychology, University of Padua

January 2011 - Present

Research interests

luck and everyday beliefs related to probabilistic thinking •Use and misuse of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing in psychology; meaningful ways to expresand quantitative reasoning •Children’s understanding of chancedecision making•Human judgment


Sarah Furlan studied Psychology with specialization in Experimental and Methodological Psychology at the University of Padua (Italy)before receiving her Ph.D. there in Developmental Psychology in2011. In 2010 she was a visiting scholar at the Laboratory of Rational Decision Making at Cornell University where she focused on aspects related to numeracy and decision-making based on probability information. Dr. Furlan is currently a post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Developmental Psychology and Socialization at the University of Padua. Her research interests include probability judgments and statistical reasoning in children, adolescents, and adults;development of everyday-life beliefs connected to luck and chance and advances in data analysis in the behavioral sciences.


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