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Sarah Moens

  • MSc
  • PhD student
  • Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
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Research interests

MEG...) Data visualization techniques: making data understandable for everyone Open source data: making data accessible to everyoneEEGstress Brain imaging (fMRIsleep homeostasismemory and cognitionInsomnia Sleep and aging


A main goal of the project I'm currently involved in is the identification of homogenous subgroups of insomnia, since heterogeinity of the insomnia population hampers insights into the mechanisms underlying this complex disorder. For this purpose, I've been involved in the development of a web-based survey and test environment (the Netherlands Sleep Registry,; for which we also plan to build an international version). This makes it feasible to obtain a large amount of information, ranging from self-report questionnaire tapping, aside from different sleep questionnaires into personality traits, life events, life quality, depression, anxiety, fatigue... as well as computer-tasks providing measures of cognition, attention... Such phenotypical dissection can subsequently allow for identification of endophenotypes (biomarkers) and thus bridge the gap between genetics and phenotypes.


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  • Jitendra Kumar Sinha

    Jitendra Kumar SinhaCentre for Cellular and Molecular Biology CSIR



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Professional experience

PhD student

Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience

July 2010 - Present


Master in Psychology (Theory and Research)

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

September 2007 - February 2010(2 years)