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Saurabh Kohli


      I am Crazy.... I like to race my COROLLA OF DOOM in Auto-x's and rallys. I listen to all sorts of music all the way from heavy metal to a lil of country. I have gotten comments all the way from you r the funniest kid i know to dude u r the wierdest kid i know, from people i dont even know, so go figure. I am a complete goofball, not an asshole, just a goofball. I dont really care much for politics but still like to be informed as to what is going on. I have random knowledge of some of the most random things. I am preety well informend about cars and computers. random facts about me- i dont know how to swim, rather i cant swim cause i sink like a rock while trying to float, i dont really drink but i do like to try new drinks, absolutely hate smoking, preety much a straight edge with enough bumps that u can use me as a slinky:-p. I am also very serious at heart, no no not love heart, at heart. if u cant figure it out, then it doesnt matter so dont bother asking. and if u do figure it out explain it to me as well. aim in life: to be 18 till I die. so far I am 18 with 5 years of experience...