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sen pei hsia

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    "Beauty is nothing without brilliance." "This is meant to portray the idea that the world is addicted to superficial matters, which, in the end, is meaningless." "Something that is truly beautiful has brilliance, innovation, originality and all facets of humanity behind a seemingly flawless exterior. This portrayal of a stigmatized individual has an innate 'brilliance' within them that no matter how they try to hide it, will always shine through." "The so called 'brilliance,' is every variable of stigmatization that any given individual in society carries within them, at any given time. The projection of one's own image ('Imago,' Latin for ''Mirror image') is what connects us with others... and it's also what differentiates us from others - causing strife, hate, discrimination, racism and war." (First few paragraphs of "Imago" by Sen-Pei Hsia. Copyrighted 2011)