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Serge Blaise Emaleu, M.D

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Research interests

Immunological and redox biomarkers of neutrophils function in HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis diseases.


Serge Blaise Emaleu, MD Herzenberg Laboratory - Beckman Center 279 Campus Drive, Room B013 Tel: Cell 1 650 468 4117 Department of Genetics/Immunology Stanford University, School of Medicine Palo-Alto, CA 94305-5318 California- USA 1. 2. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Over 10 years diverse leadership experience as a Physician, Research Fellow and Medical Science Instructor with significant accomplishments in developing managed care strategies in specified fields such as international emergency rescue and global immunization programs. Initiator with strong leadership skills in an international arena with past experience as Doctors without Border in hospitals and refugees camps in places such as the Sudan (Darfur), Ivory Coast (Bouake). Extensive laboratory (Cell and Molecular Biology, Multi Color Flow Cytometry), rich experience in Clinical Trials and longitudinal observational clinical Study design. Multilingual (Fluent in English, French, Russian, and German) United State Permanent Resident. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (2007-Present) 1. Post Doctoral Research Fellow (Lee & Len Herzenberg Laboratory) Stanford University- School of Medicine Department of Genetics and Inter departmental program of Immunology California (USA) I successfully conceptualized and conducted a clinical longitudinal observatory study to identify new biomarkers of Neutrophils and Monocytes functions in Human subjects with HIV+ and AIDS disease before and after Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART). . 2. The Institutional Research Board study design and the Bio-safety protocol I wrote to the address of both the scientific and Administrative panel on Human Subjects in Medical Research at Stanford University was approved and endorsed for the project. Working in collaboration with Pr Andrew Zolopa, from the Infectious diseases department and Director of the Positive Care Clinic at Stanford Hospital and using the expertise of the Pr Leonard and Leonore Herzenberg in Immunology/Genetics, I performed cell culture and activation, membrane and intracellular (cytoplasmic an Serge Blaise Emaleu, MD nuclear) signaling pathways staining and high level multiparametric analysis (11 colors) with Fluorescent accelerated cells sorter (FACS). I routinely phenotypically and functionally characterize many cell subpopulations, we particularly observed increased expression of CD11b on Neutrophils surface of HIV + patients as disease progress toward AIDS, I used LUMINEX technology to characterize various cytokines and Chemokines activity in the Plasma poor Platelet these patients. This project draws a variety of cell biology, immunology and clinical expertise within and outside of the Herzenberg laboratory and Stanford University School of Medicine. My expertise in Fluorescent Accelerated Cells Sorting study of whole blood of HIV/AIDS patients , the laboratory staining techniques used to characterized Innate and adaptive immunity in HIV+ subjects, my computation of data from and outside our study met our goals. I’m currently conducting a longitudinal study by staining on whole blood of HIV+ patients. To identify new Biomarkers or pattern of biomarkers of the cellular components (Neutrophils,eosinophils,monocytes) and soluble components (mannose binding lectins and Cytokines ) part of the innate immune system that is recognized to have activity against HIV, and the potential of this immune response for the development of therapies and vaccines against HIV. 4. Care coordinator Geriatric care Los Gatos California (USA) 5. Surgeon and clinical Instructor with Doctors without Borders Organization. I assumed Bouake University Teaching Hospital, in Ivory Coast after it was abandoned by all medical personnel due to political crisis and armed rebellion. The only operational hospital in the North of Ivory Coast at that time 6. Initiated and managed Kerenek Hospital, in West Darfur and South Sudan. (Kerenek is a remote village previously without medical infrastructure at all, where I was headquartered while traveling throughout west Darfur region) I acted as the only surgeon in West Darfur during 6 months .help to improved medical and surgical care. Spearheaded and coordinated teaching programs on triage principle for continued education for both medical and paramedical students acting in international emergency fields at the Doctors without Borders Emergency Desk. 7. Physician and Surgeon, Provincial Hospital and Deputy Chief of Health District of Adamaoua -Ngaoundere, Cameroon 8. Physician and Surgeon at Yaoundé Central Hospital, Cameroon, where I helped Serge Blaise Emaleu, MD Designed and implemented a course curriculum on management of thoracic injuries. Epidemiology and clinical management of HIV/AIDS infections in patients undergoing surgery. Primary Care Physician Department of Medicine, Russian Presidency Medical Center Moscow (08/1998 – 12/2000) EDUCATION 1. Stanford University- School of Medicine, Department of Genetics/ Inter Departmental Program of Immunology. Post Doctoral Research Fellowship (Studied the Immunology and pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS, The Host versus pathogens interaction, the Specificity of the Innate Immune deregulations in HIV/ AIDS patients) 2. Surgical Clinic of N.V.Sklifosovsky Emergency Medicine Research Institute Department of Thoracic and Abdominal Surgery. Moscow 3. Faculty of Medicine of Russian People’s Friendship University-Moscow 4. Pre-Medical Work Grodno State Medical Academy of Byelorussia 5. University of Yaoundé- Cameroon, Faculty of Science 1991, Graduated 1st in class of 150, University of Yaoundé, Yaoundé, Cameroon 1998, Graduated 2nd in class of 536, Russian People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia 2001, Graduated 1st in section of 18, N.V Sklifosovsky Emergency and Intensive Care Teaching School of Medicine, Moscow, Russia 2007, Immunology Training Grant Postdoctoral Fellowship, NIH 5 T32 AI07290-23 2007, Dean’s Fellowship, Stanford University School of Medicine 2009: FOCIS (Federation of Clinical Immunology Society) Award 2009 NIH Clinical Immunology diversity Research Grant Member of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

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