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Shan Putnam

  • PhD
  • Program Director
  • Naval Health Research Center
  • 79PublicationsNumber of items in Shan's My Publications folder on Mendeley.


• Infectious disease epidemiologist / clinical microbiologist with over 25 years of national and international biomedical research experience (SW Asia & SE/E Asia), • A successful record of acquiring extra-mural funding to support multi-year, multi-site infectious disease biomedical research programs, • Principal investigator on several infectious disease biomedical research protocols resulting in several international presentations and peer-review biomedical journal publications, • Published and presented over 100 articles at international scientific meetings or in international peer-review biomedical journals, • Participatory instructor / lecturer for graduate level epidemiology, biostatistics and microbiology courses and workshops (mentored undergraduate and graduate students from Universities in the USA, Egypt, and Indonesia), • Subject matter expert in infectious disease epidemiology, microbiology/molecular biology laboratory and biostatistics; primary focus is infectious enteric diseases, • Active participant in developing, implementing and instructing biomedical platforms and educational workshops on infectious disease epidemiology, surveillance, outbreaks investigations and laboratory sciences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Specialties: research epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, biostatistics, clinical microbiology, infectious enteric diseases, database development and management, antimicrobial resistance, clinical trials (vaccines and chemotherapuetics), development and implementation of large infectious disease field studies, chronic disease epidemiology, medical analysis and writing

Recent publications

  • Influenza epidemiology and characterization of influenza viruses in patients seeking treatment for acute fever in Cambodia

    • Blair P
    • Wierzba T
    • Touch S
    • et al.
  • The effect of trihalomethane and haloacetic acid exposure on fetal growth in a Maryland county

    • Porter C
    • Putnam S
    • Hunting K
    • et al.

Professional experience

Program Director

Naval Health Research Center

February 2011 - Present



University of Iowa

August 1996 - December 1999(3 years)


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