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Shane Myers

  • Whitewater Guide + Server/Register Dude
  • White Water Adventurers


    My name's Shane. You'll either like me or dislike me. I consider myself to be a complex individual, but aren't we all. I also like to think of myself as an extroverted introvert, the reason for this is there are times where I am in very deep thought but at the same time it may seem like there isn't a thought in my head. But I do gain my energy from the inside. I also consider myself a thinker because I am always dwelling on some thought; I consider it my greatest strength because it has gotten me out of a lot of bad situations. However it is also my greatest weakness, a double edged sword you can say, because it has led to myself jumping to conclusions. But overall I'm a morally just person, I do get a little to friendly sometimes, I guess you could even call me clingy at times. But if anyone ever needs a helping hand I'll be there, because I try to give what I can even if what I receive is greater than what I give at times. I also aspire to become a teacher, that is the ultimate goal. But hey if you don't know me, don't be afraid of me. I just warn you I can be a great pain at times, but equally a great gain.

    Professional experience

    Whitewater Guide + Server/Register Dude

    White Water Adventurers

    April 2009 - Present