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Sharifah Wafa

  • Lecturer
  • Univesiti Darul Iman,Terengganu
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MY NAME SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT ME..WAJIHAH means:- Soft,intelligent, responsible,but a little lacking in confidence are the main qualities of these people.They can get ahead in life, but in supportive roles,or with academic credentials that allow them to become professionals working under the banner of an institution.If they choose to go into business it is in partnership with others. This is a social influence that desires the company of people and works well with them.They are accommodating and perceptive of others' needs.This easy-going and gentle influence adapts itself to a less harsh or competitive environment.They do not like to get their hands dirty.Diplomacy and tact are their means of getting ahead.They sense a person's discomfort and will do what is necessary to make them feel easy.Pleasing others comes naturally.Their caring and responsible natures move quickly to assist others whenever possible.Their maternal or paternal quality makes them good teachers and parents.

Professional experience


Univesiti Darul Iman,Terengganu

November 2007 - Present

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