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Sharon Moalem

  • CEO
  • Recognyz System Technology
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Research interests

Antibiotic development.


Professionally, Dr. Sharon Moalem is the Chief Executive Officer for Recognyz System Technology, a Manhattan-based biotechnology firm. Dr. Moalem concentrates on genetic disorders, in particular, diagnosing and treating orphan diseases, conditions that affect less than 1 in 10,000 persons. Earlier in his career, he started Sideromics, which develops drugs targeting antibiotic resistant microorganisms such as MRSA. He has also been awarded 19 patents for inventions related to biotechnology and human health, and has also cofounded two biotechnology companies. Dr. Moalem served as an associate editor for the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. His scientific work has led to the discovery of Sideromycin, a member of a novel class of antibiotic compounds directed against multiresistant or ‘superbug’ microorganisms. He is also a New York Times and international bestselling author. His writing brings together medicine, genetics, history and biology to explain how the human body functions in new and fascinating ways. He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Survival of the Sickest and How Sex Works. His books have have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Recent publications

  • Broadening the ciliopathy spectrum: motile cilia dyskinesia, and nephronophthisis associated with a previously unreported homozygous mutation in the INVS/NPHP2 gene.

    • Moalem S
    • Keating S
    • Shannon P
    • et al.
  • XX Male Sex Reversal With Genital Abnormalities Associated With a De Novo SOX3 Gene Duplication

    • Moalem S
    • Babul-Hirji R
    • Stavropolous D
    • et al.

Professional experience


Recognyz System Technology

June 2010 - Present


Sideromics LLC

February 2005 - Present

Associate Editor

Journal of Alzheimer Disease

July 2002 - July 2005(3 years)



Mount Sinai School of Medicine

September 2004 - May 2010(6 years)


University of Toronto

August 1999 - May 2003(4 years)