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Shawn Goodwin

  • M. A.
  • Student
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Professional experience


    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    June 2008 - Present


    MA in Bible and the Ancient Near East

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    May 2009 - Present

    MA in Biblical Exegesis

    Wheaton College

    August 2006 - May 2008(2 years)

    BA Christian Studies

    Oklahoma Baptist University

    January 2003 - May 2006(3 years)

    Research interests


    I was introduced to Biblical Hebrew at a small Christian college in Montana. Although the school did not offer much, the two things that I took away from my college education were (1) the value of teachers who take great interest in their students and also (2) the importance of self-motivation, which enabled me to go outside the required curriculum and get the knowledge I needed to succeed in graduate school. After leaving Montana, I attended Wheaton College. Wheaton College also had professors that exhibited good models for teaching, and many of my teachers invested in their students and worked to bring the best out of them. I did well in this environment and was recognized with an award in New Testament studies. I enjoyed my New Testament courses, but the classes that drew me in most were those that focused on the Hebrew Bible in its ancient Near Eastern setting. In order to pursue this area further, I applied to be a special student at the University of Chicago in order to take Akkadian from a renowned institution. I studied Akkadian with Walter Farber and I found as much satisfaction in Akkadian as I had in Hebrew. While I was taking Akkadian at the University of Chicago, I was also able to take one semester of Ugaritic at Wheaton College. Both of these languages provided me with a window into the texts from Syria-Palestine and so provided glimpses of the Canaanite culture and religion that preceded the Israelites. This interest led me to pursue another master’s degree at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.