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Sheldon Kalnitsky

  • Sheldon Kalnitsky
  • California Institute of Technology



    California Institute of Technology

    February 1994 - Present


    Sheldon Kalnitsky Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, Working in JMC Communication is the largest provider of both Hardware and software programmer of Computers, Laptops in the United States. The company was honored me at the 2008 Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for development of the best Laptops. I am interested in card games, Shedding games. My hobbies are playing cards and chatting with my college buddies through online internet. Regards Sheldon Kalnitsky Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, I am maintaining the blog name I have collected various datas and news, current happenings in the space station, shuttle, earth and technology. Interests: Sheldon Kalnitsky interests include visiting new places, watching movies, reading books and listening to music. Favorite Music: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky My Favorite Music are jazz, classic, Folk, Heavy metal and rap. Favorite Movies: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, My favorite movies are The lord of the Rings, 12 angry men, Dark Knight, Schindler’s List, Pulp fiction, the godfather, It’s a wonderful life, Vertigo and American Beauty. Movies I Want to See: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, Movies I Want to See are Taxi driver, Lord of the Rings, Men in Black, Lawrence of Arabia, Slum dog Millionaire, The Third man, Terminator 2, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Favorite Books Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky. My favorite books are Silent spring, Bell curve, The 10 for men, the population Bomb, Holy blood and Holy Grail, Chasing Redbird and counting on grace. Books I Want to Read: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, Books I Want to Read are The ultimate Resource, The upside of Down, Trading up, Earth from the Air, Man and Nature, The Deniers and Desert Solitaire. Favorite Quotes: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky. My Favorite Quotes are Imagination is more important than knowledge; a censor is an expert in cutting remarks, against logic there is no armor like ignorance. Favorite Foods: Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky. My Favorite Foods are Hamburgers, Szechwan, Chiu Chow, Cottage Cheese Dip, Hummus, Sweet and Sour pork, Kung Pao chicken, Chinese dumplings etc. Favorite Places Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky, My Favorite Places are Koh Lipe, Thailand; Seaya, Indonesia; Koh Lanta, Thailand; Hoi An, Vietnam; Angkor Wat, Cambodia; Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. Places I Want to Visit Hi I am Sheldon Kalnitsky. Places I Want to Visit are Grand canyon, Great barrier reef, Florida, The south island, cape town, golden temple, Las Vegas, Sydney, New York and Canadian Rockies.