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Sidnei Sanches

  • Technologist in Data Processing
  • Senior Telecommunication Analyst
  • Ministério Público do Rio de Janeiro
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Professional experience

Senior Telecommunication Analyst

Ministério Público do Rio de Janeiro

July 2010 - Present

Telecommunications Analyst

Spread Teleinformática Ltda

January 2009 - July 2010(2 years)

Technology Consultant

SCI Tecnologia da Informação Ltda

February 2007 - July 2008(a year)

Technology Consultant

AUM Management Ltda

May 2006 - January 2007(8 months)

Telecommunications Coordinator

SulAmérica Cia Nacional de Seguros

April 1992 - October 2005(14 years)

Electronic Technician (in training)

Burroughs (Unisys)

July 1982 - November 1992(10 years)

Electronic Technician III

Uniper Indústria e Comércio Ltda (Tecnocop Industrial)

July 1984 - April 1992(8 years)

Electronic Technician Jr

CMA Engenharia de Sistemas Ltda

May 1983 - June 1984(a year)


Technology and design of computer networks (incomplete for non-delivery of the monograph completion.

Universidade Estácio de Sá

April 2001 - August 2002(a year)

Technologist in Data Processing

Faculdades Integradas Anglo Americano

February 1993 - December 1995(3 years)

Mathematics (incomplete)

Sociedade Universitária Augusto Mota

February 1992 - December 1992(10 months)

Telecommunications engineering (incomplete)

Faculdade Nuno Lisboa (Univercidade)

February 1988 - December 1988(10 months)

Electronic Technician

Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca - CEFET - RJ

August 1978 - July 1981(3 years)


Since mid-level training as a technician in electronics by CEFET-RJ, sought the beginning of my career to sign a standard of excellence in technical careers. I worked in companies that allowed me to walk a path within the area of technology, always directing the sense of satisfaction and pleasure of working in this area, so over time, I majored in technology in data processing by FIAA and did a Post degree in technology and design of computer networks at the University Estacio de Sa, in addition to getting the endorsement of the companies to participate in a significant number of courses in Hardware, Software and Management. Spent by companies such as Vulcan, erect Engineering, Unysis (Burroughs), CMA, tecnocop Industrial (UNIP) and finally SulAmérica Insurance, the latter being where they add greater value, depending on the working practices implemented by them. The most important phase took place in SulAmérica and participated in several projects, however, which gave better results were Annotation of Electronic Transport insurance and participated actively in the technological design of the solution with the partnership of Omnidata, achieving a significant result of about 16% increase in sales of the sector. The other project of importance, involving the creation of IP Network SulAmérica, the subsequent integration of voice and data and the process of outsourcing of the WAN. In the latter, I had the privilege to manage, and in less than a year, with the support of my team and Embratel (dealership that won the bid), implement a new network at Brazil, replacing technology (Nortel for Vanguard), and using other (eg, MPLS), and maintaining the structure of the SNA network, and Corporate Voice. In Outsourcing, took part in the selection phase of the finalists and the winner's choice, opining on the technical / trade, supporting the company's management in its final decision. After the initial decision, I followed the negotiation of the final and got to work on writing a few paragraphs performance characteristics involving technology. Managed the entire migration process, interacting with the concessionaire and serving as a link between SulAmérica and Embratel. After the migration continued exercising network management through service level agreements (SLA), fixed in the contract, and coordinating committees operating with Embratel. This project has yielded a saving of about 5 million dollars in network investments, and a reduction of about 1.2 million dollars in operating costs of the network. Over the last 25 years working agreguei, technical and management skills, because I like to ease inter-relate, and possess good general knowledge that helps me to place me on a more heterogeneous group in that it is facilitating the relationship with people of different levels, bringing them around me, as a liaison and support the dissemination of information to all. I do not have features to centralize information, I believe in the capacity of each reason and find their own ways, so I report all information technology I have, to create an environment conducive to the development of all. I always try to be cordial and honest, admit mistakes and to promote that they no longer happen.

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