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    New profile (old deactivated). If you have any questions, just ask. I tend to follow more nonlinear+non-Gaussian patterns than most other people, so I'm pretty unpredictable. Also, don't take everything I do too seriously. A lot of the things I do (that may look weird/stupid on the outside) are the types of things that help me adjust my posterior probability of various things - especially low probability events. I like trying to elucidate neurobiological/cognitive/behavioral mechanisms at a finer structure. Coarse mechanisms are often less robust (we don't know how they really interact, and in the presence of a DIFFERENT environment, then the preconditions of these mechanisms may uncouple - we may not even know the preconditions of these mechanisms). The reason is this: necessary conditions are inclusive of BOTH preconditions and the GEOMETRY+combinatorial arrangements of these preconditions - where these preconditions are with respect to each other. This is a good reason to be skeptical of the utility of measuring IQ, since we still don't know the GEOMETRY+combinatorial arrangements of the preconditions of high IQ. I like asking questions about boundary value conditions (or extreme conditions) since I *think* that I could make better inferences with knowledge of such conditions (and increase the chance of divergent thinking that actually does something). Some of those conditions can be pretty shocking/unusual to people. ;) But also, I tend to trust interpolation over extrapolation. Diseases are one form of boundary value condition (you learn a lot about physiology when you learn about diseases - it's a different type of learning - more inductive driven, and actually closer to the way people learn about biological structures through scientific research) I'm obsessed with the data structures that come from demographics, planetary sciences, and zoology. :) I'm a fanatic about ALL the sciences (natural and social). Particularly the future of science (and how CS is involved in it). And Consilience. INTP, RLUEI, Chaotic Neutral, Aspie Quotient: 41. I have *extremely* low levels of latent inhibition. heavy reader of lesswrong, overcoming bias, gene expression (gnxp), futurepundit, and information processing My goal in life is just to be as interesting as possible (to certain kinds of people). So give me plenty of feedback and I'll post more of what you want, as long as it's something that isn't out of character of me (basically lawful/traditional stuff are out of character for me) I mostly like doing things other people aren't likely to do, but it's always nice if others build on what i do. Don't take anything I say/do too seriously. I do a lot of things (often clumsily) just to see what will happen. Sometimes I hit on a jackpot/very interesting idea. I actually like helping people, but mostly in non-traditional pursuits that I have special knowledge of. I have *a lot* of respect for *all* of the sciences. Tactically, I'm developing heuristics for rationality, impartiality, anti-laziness, and creation+identification+searching for what's relevant+reliable. Strategically, I just want to learn everything. A lot of my thought processes involve my creating new hypotheses and refuting them on my own. I still document the thought process since it's important and may be important for future "true" hypotheses. Also I have inattentive ADD and Asperger's (both officially diagnosed) and social anxiety (highly suspected). I'm trying to identify less with Aspie-ism/avoid using it as an excuse, but ADD is something that I'll always have to live with. - I *really* like to understand the world/universe. Everything about it. So I like filling in gaps in my knowledge. Like economics (which I neglected for a long time). I also like exploring theories and the consistency of them too. But time is limited. - I prefer anything that’s written to things that are spoken. I like to reference things later. Plus, listening is quite taxing on working memory (and I’m prone to missing things which can completely hurt my ability to comprehend things that reference such things), whereas with reading – I can go back to look at things that I’ve missed. Not only that, but it’s a lot faster to read than to listen. I don’t do that much other than read (and search/data-mine) since there are A LOT of interesting things and I often feel like it would be a waste for me to do anything redundant if I can read something interesting instead (since there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to read everything I want to read). Also reading pretty much guarantees a basic novel stimuli to a*time+b*money ratio. I oftentimes want to socialize more though. I pretty much have to carve my own path through life, so I research the fuck out of everything I do (just so that I can get an idea of costs+risks+benefits). Most of the individual things I do are with precedent - it's just that the permutation of them (across time) is without precedent.

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