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Søren Ventegodt

  • MD, MMedSci, EU-MSc-CAM
  • Director
  • The Quality of Life Research Center
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Søren Ventegodt was born in 1961. At age 11, he started to write poetry, play music and read books on chemistry. When he was 13 he had his own chemistry lap in the family's basement, which he continued to develop throughout his teenager years. Giftet with a special talent for science, he interred the University of Copenhagen at the age of 18. And ofter studying chemistry, philiospohphy and finally medicine, he entered the research field of theoretical biology. Today, Søren Ventegodt, MD, EU-MSc-CAM holds the European Masters degree in complementary, psychosocial and integrative medicine and is often acknowledged as a leading researcher in holistic medicine and quality of life. See also

Recent publications

  • Clinical holistic medicine: holistic rehabilitation.

    • Ventegodt S
    • Gringols M
    • Merrick J
  • Quality of life as medicine. II. A pilot study of a five-day "quality of life and health" cure for patients with alcoholism.

    • Ventegodt S
    • Merrick J
    • Andersen N

Professional experience


The Quality of Life Research Center

December 1996 - Present

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