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Stacy Cary

      Professional experience


      Patland Oil Co

      January 1982 - January 2003(21 years)


      Grogans Park Group Ltd

      January 1990 - January 1993(3 years)



      Conroe High Shool

      January 1972 - January 1976(4 years)


      Stacy Cary spent almost three decades as an administrator at Patland Oil Company, an independent oil and gas exploration and production firm based in Texas. Eventually becoming part owner, she initially served as a secretary and bookkeeper, working along side with Landmen,signing leases and performing abstract work. Later working her way into royalty work, her love of geology and the opportunity to learn on site took her to participate along side her father, brother and sister in the field while the small independent company drilled over 250 wells during the next 20 years. A family operations company was formed to maintain and run field operations, as Stacy continued to hone skills at filing leases and drilling permits. During Stacy Stine's time at Patland Oil, the company was instrumental in getting the Cibolo Gas Pipeline installed. Without it transportation of gas was impossible. Although the company came close to bankruptcy several times during the 80's, the tenancy and perseverance of her father, mother and siblings proved to out last the 80's Oil Bust. Even the giant Marathon Oil, who tried to starve out the tenacious independent by illegally withholding runs from Patland Oil, could not stand against them in a court of law. Patland and Stine et al won an unprecedented case against Marathon Oil in 1988. Towards the end of the first decade she was involved with oil and gas and commercial real estate industries, Ms. Cary turned her focus to starting up a small business called GeOasis. Equipped with her love of geology and a Gemologist Institute of America certificate, she traveled the world to learn and enhance her import and wholesale distribution company to provide retail sales of natural products such as gems, minerals, wood, and marble. She had photographed thousands of mineral specimens by the time the business closed in 2003. While she was working at GeOasis, Stacy Stine Cary also served as vice president of Grayson Equities, Inc., a Texas-based investment management services firm. Today, her interests relate to the health and wellness industry as she focuses on her latest ventures via Holistic Health of Texas and manufacturing entity of health products, Corganics. From 1990 to today Stacy Stine Cary continues to function as a partner with Grogans Park Group, Ltd., a commercial real estate investment firm in developed and undeveloped properties in the Dallas and Houston areas. Her work at the company also includes managing properties and leases.