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Stanislav Zabic

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I was born in a small industrial town called Borovo Naselje which grew so much that it connected with the regional center Vukovar and nowadays it's considered an integral urban unit. First eighteen years of my life I lived in a happy family and shared household with my mother Mira, father Ivica, sister Snezana and my grandmother Stoja. My extended family also included grandmother Milka, grandfather Nikola and aunt Ruzica. We were a happy bunch and childhood in such a small town at the end of the world was pleasantly uneventful. Until 1991 when war in Yugoslavia broke out. Multinational and multicultural nature of my hometown unfortunately turned its ugly side in that year. People in the town succumbed to malicious nationalistic propaganda and my town suffered extreme destruction when it was almost completely leveled during the late 1991 and most of the people fled the town (if not killed). The war soon spread to other parts of former Yugoslavia, and my town started a painfully slow process of rebuilding which lasts to this day. After I spent the Summer of 1991 in wartime Vukovar, me and my family managed to leave the town and settle in the capital of former Yugoslavia, Belgrade. Soon I started my undergraduate education at University of Belgrade, Department of Mathematics. Even though studying and living under Milosevic's repressive regime wasn't easy at all, I managed to graduate in 1998, and then I worked at the University as an instructor for another year. My hobbies, family (who returned to Vukovar by now), friends in Petnica Science Center and political protests against the war and regime gave me strength and hope through those years and even though it might sound silly, I still remember those years with a lot of nostalgia. Year 1999 is probably one of the most important years in my life. It is the year when I seriously started dating Sarah O'Keeffe, who became my wife on January 5th 2002. Also, 1999 is the year when my application for graduate studies in Louisiana got accepted and it was the year when NATO attacked Serbia. With just a toothbrush, one set of clothes and one CD (Todd Rundgren's With A Twist), I found myself in Budapest, Hungary, where I spend a few months working at Reuters news agency. After I earned enough money for my plane ticket, I obtained visa for the USA and landed at Louisiana State University. Graduate school at LSU and life in Baton Rouge was a wonderful experience. For the first time I was able to study without any major political turmoil... ok, 9-11 was horrible, but after all the stuff I lived though in Balkans, I'm prepared for anything. Studying under professor Peter Wolenski was a unique experience, he introduced me to impulsive systems which are now the topic of my PhD thesis. Also, LSU Department of Mathematics was a great place to get exposed to various applied aspects of mathematics, such as medical image processing. In particular, I worked on tumor scans (with Dr. Bujenovic of the Lake PET Imaging Center) and glaucoma eye scans (with Dr. Thompson of LSU Eye Clinic). I In Spring 2004 I won an award that allowed me to spend a semester in Portugal as a visiting researcher at Faculdade de Engenharia in Porto, Portugal. I worked there under supervision of Fernando Lobo Pereira. Besides incredible academic potential, LSU also gave me a chance to fulfill another dream - to host a radio show at a local college radio station. In 2005 I landed my first serious professional appointment as a post doc staff member of the UCAIR, a medical imaging institute which is a part of the Radiology Department at the University of Utah. I stayed there for a year and a half, learning a lot from my boss over there, Frederic Noo. My appointment over there prepared me well for a career in medical imaging. I specialized in CT reconstruction and in 2007 I started working at the Philips Medical Systems CT Physics group in Cleveland Ohio. Work at Philips allowed me both to have an impact on product releases and have an active scientific publication record. Ohio is great! Rock'n'roll scene is wonderful. We will see what will happen next!

Recent publications

  • Acceleration of ML iterative algorithms for CT by the use of fast start images

    • Brown K
    • Zabic S
  • Comparison of ML Iterative Reconstruction and TV-Minimization for Noise Reduction in CT Images

    • Brown K
    • Zabic S
    • Koehler T

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