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stefano grando

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    I hold a MSc in European Regional Development at the Cardiff University and a PhD in Agrarian Economics at the University of Basilicata. I've studied also at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and at the University of Prague. I've worked with the Universities of Rome “La Sapienza”, Naples “Federico II”, Cardiff and Oviedo, and as a consultant on Structural Funds for the EU cohesion policy. Currently I'm working with the University of Pisa. I've published articles on Italian and international scientific magazines, and I'm co-author of two books: “Aspromonte – Natura e cultura dell’Italia estrema” (Aspromonte – Nature and culture of the extreme Italy, Donzelli 2007) and “Campagne in sviluppo – Capitale sociale e comunità rurali in Europa” (Countryside in Development - Social capital and rural communities in Europe, Rosemberg & Sellier, 2008). My main research fields are: rural development, nature preservation and local development, sociology of development, organic farming, agro-food supply chains, agrarian history.

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    • A Garden or a Laboratory? Conflicting Views about Nature Preservation and Local Development in the Aspromonte National Park, Italy

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