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Stephen Michael


      What I post on Facebook is of my own thought process & not to be interpreted as anything more. It is meant for my entertainment & not meant to be connotative of unprofessional behavior; let alone to be derogatory towards anyone. Follow me on the social networking sites below by searching my Gmail username of or: LinkedIn Twitter @StephenMOetting Skype stephen.m.oetting YouTube VoteSteveO My Blog The Gentleman's Circle StumbleUpon steveoetting steveoetting I'm on BeKnown, BranchOut, and Indeed, too. I am a good guy. I am very receptive to others ideas and try to live a good life. I love life, and am looking to follow the family motto of "Upturned Hearts." I have a great future ahead of me and so much I want to do with it. Feel free to get to know me; you won't regret it, because I am a happy person, with much to give others. I am at a point in my life where I'm in a state of flux, though, so things are constantly changing for me. "I don't care, it doesn't matter" will not cut it in life. I will have a goal, and I will meet it. This is what I have learned and will never forget. Life is too short to not care. Be classy...That is all. I am looking to be a class act and am looking to surround myself with those who too, are classy. My love in life is to truly serve others and to better them as best I can. That's why acting as you should and being a genuinely classy person is important in life. As we need spirit to live our lives, we need goals to achieve, so as to give that spirit meaning. I may be "ruled" by self-created rules, but I give them meaning and value, allowing me to check my own progress in life. Goals may not be required by governmental law, but natural law does impart them upon us, so we must live with them and achieve them to become better people. Justly love is not a goal but a state of sensation, but this does not mean we cannot search out love as a goal. I love to laugh. Whether laughter is for you or by you, enjoy these precious moments of ecstasy for they are truly moments to be remembered and thought of at a later point in time. I am searching for that moment in which I am completely satisfied and happy from the good feelings of a laugh within my life. And though it can seem unprofessional, a good chuckle can make your world a better feeling place because of that temporary bliss. When it comes to maturity, I may not have it all, but I am learning. Life teaches me more and more about myself every day. I do the best I can, but sometimes I make mistakes. I will become a better person, but until then maybe some should lighten up in life. I mean no offense, except to say that I try to be the man for the task, and I will do the best any man is capable. Open communication is a must. I am a huge proponent of being open, so I will tell you what's on my mind and expect you to tell me what's on your mind. I don't mean you should tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. What I want is honesty and sincerity. You'll get it from me, so I expect it from you. Although I may seem brash or even aggressive, I will listen and want your input in my life, so approach me with your thoughts, and I will listen. Steve's LIFE PLAN: UNDER CONSTRUCTION Step 1: Graduate College-Check Step 2: Law School-I was accepted by 6 schools, and I attended the University of Detroit Mercy/the University of Windsor in the joint JD/LLB program for one year. I am currently taking a year off Step 3ish: Meet the woman of my dreams Step 4ish: Graduate from the next school I attend Step 5ish: Practice law or whatever my field ends up being Step 6ish: Create a family One last but semi-important thing...I make lists for everything. Now, this may sound odd or surreal, but it is quite helpful. It may seem compulsive or awkward but existence is better than insanity. If you see me writing a note or 4, it's because it is important. Or maybe fanciful...