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Steve Shellman

  • B.A
  • President & CEO
  • Strategic Analysis Enterprises Inc.


    A respected political scientist, software developer, and research professional, Steve Shellman currently runs the Violent Intranational Political Conflict and Terrorism (VIPCAT) Research Laboratory at the College of William and Mary. Since 2008, Steve Shellman has also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Analysis Enterprises (SAE), a firm that manages and executes applied research projects for government clients such as the Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Research, and the Strategic Command. Regarded as an expert in areas such as political analysis, forced migration, terrorism and national security, Shellman has given numerous presentations on topics such as "Fingerprinting Leading Indicators of WMD Terrorism" and “Refugee or Internally Displaced Person? To Where Should One Flee?” In addition to his current work in research science, Stephen M. Shellman has also co-engineered a three-part group of software tools: Strategic Analysis Enterprises Text Analysis Suite includes Pathos used to classify and analyze data from electronic texts and media such as blogs, while Xenophon is used to extract data from multilingual events. Shellman and fellow research scientists use such software tools in the analysis of political events, group and government behavior, and public sentiment, among other applications. Stephen M. Shellman received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Florida State University in 2003, where his dissertation, entitled “Taking Turns: A Theory and Model of Government-Dissident Interactions,” was awarded Best Dissertation in Peace Science by the Peace Science Society in 2004. An amateur astronomer, Shellman has converted space in his house into Attic Bluffs Observatory, where he uses a Mallincam video camera and SBIG CCD camera to capture images of nebulae, globular clusters, and galaxies through various telescopes.

    Professional experience

    President & CEO

    Strategic Analysis Enterprises Inc.

    April 2008 - Present



    University of Georgia

    January 1993 - January 1997(4 years)