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Surya Mahadeva


      Students Counseling & Career Services renders services that enable Professional and Traditional students to understand future options available on completion of their respective Graduation , Graduation means – 10+2+3 ( Traditional Graduation), Professional Graduation ( 10+2+4), ( 10+2+3+2) and (10+2+3+3). Following are the services that Students can benefit through SCCS: Campus Placement / Employment facilitation activity. Higher Education, Employment, Research & Development, Entrepreneur, Training, Projects – Real time, for students with competency, Occupational Programs, Right from ‘Training Need Analysis to Consulting’ and ‘Content development to Delivery’. SCCS help’s and enables Graduating students to analyze various options that are available for their own future, and also mapping their future plans based upon their own personal aspirations and ambitions, further enhance skills and knowledge along with regular academic curriculum. We are keen that parents also engage and collective efforts be made with college management for ensuring student success, and ensure student getting / securing employment with large companies and multinational companies while in campus or outside campus life subject to individual aspiration & ambitions and ability to crack the HR Process and Procedures of the companies recruiting / hiring. SCCS would help student to reach industry, enable student to understand about technical specs, vertical & domain knowledge industry requires / demands, from time to time. Fulfilling every graduate aspirations and ambitions, Creating AIM & Objective for Graduating Graduates