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Susan Woomer


      My name is Susan, I'm 21 years old and I live in Jefferson Township. I currently attend FDU in Madison NJ. I would say that I'm an all around nice person who likes to party and have a good time. I am upfront and don't hesitate to say anything--so if I don't like yu or something about yu, I'll definately let yu know. My best friend is Lindsay Sanders--somewhere along the way of life we ended up in two different peoples stomachs although we were supposed to be born from the same person. It's quite alright though because we still are pretty much sisters. I am loud and enerjetic--if yu don't like it, then yu don't have to be around me. I have all the friends I need in my life, and I'm not trying to make new ones. Many people say I'm a bitch, but I just stand up for what I believe in and if that makes me a bitch--then so be it. I will never care what anyone says about me, so if you don't like me or my friends, yu can waste yur time talking about me/them because I and my friends could care less..=D BBM me bitches ;-) pin:3211B737