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Taber Bain

  • Special Collections
  • Virginia Commonwealth University


    Write something about myself? Please, I'd never navelgaze in public. I'm just this guy. You know? I LOVE: adaptive reuse, aerial photos, anatomy illustrations, ancient trees, Apple, applesauce, Art Deco, bacon, battlefields, beaujolais, Blistex, bridges, brightly colored shirts, buffalo wings, cartoons, cheesy flashback sequences in movies, cigarettes, clever books, Coca-Cola, coffee, crème brûlée, decrepit towns, driving too fast, eggnog, formstone, fröccs, gadgets, Gmail, highway signs, hoodies, ice cream, Japanese candies, keyring tags, line-dried laundry, local eccentricities, maps, milkshakes, mini golf, nice pens, old crap, popcorn with extra extra butter, pork barbecue, postcards, quarry diving, Richmond, running water, silly games, Sloe Gin Fizz, tea, uborkaszeszon, violins, waking up early, wry smiles, yams I DON'T CARE FOR: Lotus Notes, Pepsi, Short Pump, strawberry ice cream

    Professional experience

    Special Collections

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    June 2006 - Present


    Pamplin Park and National Museum of the Civil War Soldier