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Takanori Sugawara


      写真が好き。 海が好き。 鳥が好き。 自然が好き。 旅が好き。 フットボールも好き。 歴史を感じる街並みも、 文化を感じる古都も好き。 常に新しいものに対するアンテナを張っていたい。 写真で表現することをライフワークに、いろいろ模索中。 Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits. I like taking pictures, I like the ocean, I like birds, and I like the nature! I want to take as many pictures as possible through my life. Favorite Football Teams >Kashima Antlers(Japan) >Japan National Team >Shalke04(Germany) >Athletic Club Bilbao(Spain) >Benfica Lisbon(Portugal) has been to; Norway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Belgium,United Kingdom,Poland,Italy,Spain,Germany,Austria,Czech Republic,Portugal,Switzerland,France Singapore,Malaysia