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Takuya Suzuki

  • 准教授
  • Shizuoka University


    I'm an Associate Professor at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shizuoka University. Prior to joining Shizuoka Univ. as an Associate Professor in April 2012, I was an Assistant Professor at Tokai University Junior College Shizuoka. My major is Marketing. Especially, my main research areas are Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communication, and Sales Promotion. My research focuses on consumer perception and response to price, brand, advertising, time constraint, etc. Furthermore, in the past one or two years, I interest in the consumption of luxury brands and counterfeit goods. Recently, I think how can Shizuoka Prefecture's Industrials are made stronger than today. I want to make a contribution to solving this issue. Through Facebook, I hope I enjoy a conversation with my friends about various topics (eg. business, economy, education, campus life, hobby, music, TV show, talent, fashion, etc.).

    Professional experience


    Shizuoka University

    April 2012 - Present


    Tokai University Junior College

    April 2006 - March 2012(6 years)


    Waseda University

    April 2004 - March 2006(2 years)