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Professional experience

PhD student

Biomaterials Department

February 2009 - Present


Naraesuan University

April 2006 - Present


Doctor of dental surgery

Faculty of dentistry Chulalongkorn University

May 2001 - April 2006(5 years)


I graduated from Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, with the Degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.) with second class honor in 2006 with research project “Influence of zinc oxide eugenol temporary cement on micro tensile bond strength of resin composite to dentin”. After graduation, I worked as an instructor in the Prosthodontic section, Department of Restorative, Faculty of Dentistry, Naresuan University. I lectured many topics in the dental related prosthodontics including the properties of dental materials, soft tissue management, impression taking in fixed prosthodontics, die and working model construction, Articulator and bite registration. As an instructor at the Prosthodontic section, I instruct the third to the sixth year dental students in the prosthodontic clinic and teach topics related to Prosthodontics and Biomaterial sciences. Moreover, I have attended research seminars in these fields. As a result, I strongly intend to study and research in the fields of Prosthodontics and Biomaterial sciences. During my academic career, I am very interested in fixed prosthodontic especially dental ceramic and oral implantology. According to my clinical experiences, I have found that many Thai people suffer from edentulous arch and chewing inefficiency. Currently dental implant is a promising treatment in replacing the edentulous area. In addition, all ceramic restoration is a reliable way of treatments, which fulfill increasingly esthetic demand of patients. However there still are many problems related placement of dental implant and producing long term all ceramic restorations especially in posterior teeth. Therefore, studying in Biomaterials would lead to improve the current research or developing a novel treatment to assist the patients who are suffering from these problems. I am attracted by these reasons to pursue Ph.D. in Biomaterials. According to the information from The Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney upon the website, there are several interesting research topics in Biomaterials . In Thailand, especially in the Faculty of Dentistry, Naresuan University, research in Biomaterial sciences is not very well established. Only few people are doing research in this field. I am very much interested in doing research in this field. I also have my intention to carry on the research after graduation. After Ph.D. graduation, I would like to be a lecturer as well as a researcher in Faculty of Dentistry, Naresuan University. I have my intention to set up a research section to utilizing biomaterial knowledge for the goal of reconstruction and treatment of oral disease with my colleagues who have the same interest.


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