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Tejas Savalia

  • International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
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Research interests

Artificial IntelligenceBasal gangliaReinforcement LearningNeuroscience


Tejas Savalia is a Computer Science graduate working towards his Master’s degree in Computer Science with thesis at the Cognitive Science Lab at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. His primary interests lie in Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically, Reinforcement Learning. Currently, he’s working on modelling Basal Ganglia (a structure in midbrain) pathways - borrowing the concepts from Reinforcement Learning to explain their role in sequence acquisition learning, one such theoretical idea being published in a recent article titled “A unified theoretical framework for Cognitive Sequencing”. His research is essentially dedicated to using brain (human or otherwise) as a benchmark, an inspiration and a tool to emulate intelligent behavior in machines.

Publications (1)

  • A Unified Theoretical Framework for Cognitive Sequencing

    • Savalia T
    • Shukla A
    • Bapi R
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International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad