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Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo

  • A Passion for Horseback Riding
  • Farmer
  • Farmering


    A respected farmer residing in the vicinity of Valencia, Venezuela, Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo has a love for equestrian activities and is a member of the Venezuelan Horse Riding Association. He has engaged with the group in designing scenic routes throughout the country that are suitable for riders of a diversity of ages and skill levels. Teodulo De Jesus Perdomo maintains a number of horses on his farm and seeks out ideal mounts at stables in distant locations, from Central America to the United States. He also operates an agricultural business focused on raising broiler chickens, and he takes pride in maintaining state-of-the-art operations that include advanced irrigation systems. Also a longtime baseball fan, Mr. Perdomo supports star Venezuelan players who have made the leap to Major League Baseball in the United States. His favorite U.S. teams include the Chicago White Sox, and he is also a fan of the Caracas team Leones. He is also a basketball enthusiast who enjoys watching LeBron James lead the Miami Heat to victory.

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    January 2007 - Present