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Teresa Gonczy

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Research interests

Educational LeadershipMath CognitionEarly Childhood Education


Entrepreneur, educator, cognitive scientist, dancer, & student of life! :-) I will make this world a better place with my actions. Dance, math, & psychology will always be a part of my life. I believe in living a life that makes you happy while still making conscious, informed decisions about your future. I love children, waterfalls, and an open dance floor. I am always learning, always looking for more and new information & opportunities. I love to understand! I'm nerdy/geeky - I like math & science. I'm curious about the world and always like to be reading & learning new stuff. The mind and the brain fascinate me. As well as how computers (and animals and small children) 'think' and develop intelligence. I'm a dancer & I love to move. Everything from ballet to belly dance to gymnastics to acroyoga to ballroom/tango to aerial arts/cirque. Part of the reason I love blues dancing is because I can combine so many dance styles into it - and also because I love really connecting with someone else, two bodies moving as one, not worrying about the steps, just dancing & moving. I'm a teacher & an educator. I love teaching children & adults, one-on-one or in small groups. I'll teach anything I know - I've taught ballet, jazz, creative dance, sign language, yoga, acroyoga, math, chemistry, physics, SAT prep, programming, child development, etc. I have a special interest in early childhood education, and the influence that early learning experiences can have on our lives. I'm an entrepreneur - I like doing my own thing and wearing lots of different hats. I own a baby boutique & educational center right now, and I've run or helped run lots of other businesses. I love managing organizations and helping people achieve their goals. I'm a Burner ( and a BILder ( I like hanging out with people who are creative & passionate, who are open to new experiences, who question societal norms to forge their own path & be their own person, and who are multi-faceted - embracing the physical, the mental, and the emotional/artistic.

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Los Angeles Makerspace

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