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Thaddeus Madison

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  • University of Texas at Arlington
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Hello, my name is Thaddeus Madison, and I am currently a undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering. The field of study I am most interested in are Robotics. Though this may be due to the fact that robotics offer the most challenging courses, solving complex problems are ones that I find most rewarding. I am also strong in the topics of Object-Oriented Design and Mobile Programming. While I have designed websites/web-applications, I am not overly interested in doing such for a career. My talents could be better served designing and developing more intriguing applications. This is not to say I would be unwilling to work on the programming and design work of web-applications, but CSS/HTML work would not be the best use of my talents. I am an excellent communicator, which makes me unique among many computer engineers. These skills come from being president of many organizations. My leadership and communication skills make me fit for a corporate environment. I also bring great management potential from my experience managing very large groups of people through presentations, making agendas, and time management for others that need guidance.

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University of Texas at Arlington

August 2009 - Present


University of Texas at Arlington

August 2009 - Present

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