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Thomas Champion


      I'm a Biochemistry undergraduate (3rd year) and I aspire go into Research & Development for a major pharmaceutical company! I try to be friendly, optimistic & move forward no matter what! Always try to be stoic and calm ^_^ My Main Hobbies Include: - Weapons Freestyling - Mixology (Professional cocktail making) - Squash - Rubix cube - Shibari - Manga - Hiking - Massage - Science I’m fascinated by Japanese Shibari as I find it artistic and unique, people who know me will tell you that I am passionate and expressive about erotic arts! I have a girlfriend whom I cherish and love - Kay. Who has seen it fit to nickname me "Tubby" ^_^' Random Likes: Chocolate, warm tea, colourful sunsets, lightning, performing random good deeds, individuality, when you call for an elevator and its already on your floor, Burgers, non-awkward silences, beaches with big waves, climbing trees, thinking of a clever rhyme/quote in my head, when your walking uphill and a breeze of wind comes behind you and seems to push you up... Life Dreams (Excluding the obvious): Write and publish a book Get a PhD in a Science Learn to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on piano Visit Japan (And visit the Kawae's) Have tea & brunch with Stephen Fry