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Thomas de Ming

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Thomas de Ming is a learning designer and has been working in Ming Company since 1997. Ming Company offers methods and tools to facilitate thinking, learning and improvement.

Origonen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ming Company and serves as a design studio where Thomas and the Ming-team develops ingenious rooms and equipment for group thinking and group memories that integrate physical and digital information

Thomas has worked with many different clients and may have an unique amount of hours of experience in the creative intersections between disciplines, organizations and cultures.

If you want to describe Thomas experience in figures he is born in 1965 and until now, he in his professional time spent about 9000 hours as a project manager, 7000 hours learning designer, 4500 hours as a workshop leader, 3000 hours on stage , 1 000 hours as a director, 800 hours as a trainer of thinking abilities and 500 hours as a radio host (in addition to being president and creative director of Ming Company).

Thomas is also involved in the Ming Company's own research institute Mingstitute which aims to make research in didactics, cognition and neuroscience more tangable.

Thomas has been engaged as an expert in learning design at Linköping University in the deparment for projects, innovations and entrepeneurship (2009-2011).

Thomas has for ten yers been commissioned by the Swedisch Foundation for Strategic Research to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, concepts and creativity between academia and industry

Thomas has created a concept for quickly building ingenious room that facilitates visualization and variation. He calls this concept for Flow Room ®

Thomas has also developed a concept to "make improvements on a playful line" as he calls Improvement Factory ®.

Learning design, thinking efficiency, change processes, group dynamics, improvement work