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Tim Gray


      Tim Gray (proper noun) /tɪm greɪ/ 1. Dreamer; lover; romantic; writer; philosopher; poet; medical professional in training. 2. Passionate; compassionate; caring for the underdog; quirky; driven to make a positive mark on the world; full of integrity; one who readily admits to personal flaws; a bleeding-heart liberal, and proud; one who is upset at the class struggle of the marginalized and the dispossessed; rash; headstrong; one who is full of good intentions, and often destroys them through caring too much, or by speaking one's mind when one should not; one who is pained by past mistakes, and who is truly sorry, no matter how difficult it might be to see through his flaws. These people are my life: J.Christ K.Rudd L.Tanner H.Jenkins P.Wong W.Aly Fam-ily ZG <3 CH AG Clb EW CassM BM M+K Grace Sare-Bear+Ksh BBcrew+TG Kiz.McC Rach.GDeb09 HillyClassOf10! EL+BK+SW L.Slevin&A.Taylor KVizzle LA Shays.K B.McC ED+MS+DS+JD SC A3Bus+AbbDJ <3 & ☮