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Tim Murray


      I'm currently a balloon sculptor, a trainer of inclusion and diversity, a parent, motivator, creative consultant and an emotional guide for curious individuals, couples and more-somes. A creature of change is probably a good way to describe me. I like a lot of things and my level of interest in them fluctuates on a regular basis. I'm an ENFP, Idealist, Sagitarius, Dragon, Phoenix and very fire oriented. If any of this makes any sense, great. If not, don't worry cause it's all a bit silly anyway. Except for the parts that make sense and make me feel good about myself, those are all true. I like to make people happy. That's been my life long goal, just to make as many people in this world as happy as I can. I've recently come to the conclusion that while I believe that love, desire, affection and all that huggy-lovey crap are infinite, time, and resources are unfortunately not. So until they actually invent a time-turner I am stuck with the reality that I cannot be best friends, lovers, or partners with all the people I may want to try that with. So if we don't have the time to get together, then we don't have the time. Being part of my daily reality is far easier than me trying to carve out specific time just for you. Crossing paths at public gatherings, or coming over and helping out with construction is a much better way for us to hang out and get to know each other.