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Tom Fennewald

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Thomas Fennewald is a social science research methodologist and game designer who uses games and other interactive activities as research tools for understanding human thinking. He works with his colleagues at Transformative Gaming and Simulation ( to develop research methods and interactive media designs that can be used to study and foster reflective awareness on issues of personal and social significance (such as lifestyle values, personality, sustainability, ecological systems, governance, and policy). In this work he builds upon prior experience in the assessment of learning outcomes, program evaluation, and innovation of inquiry methods. Tom’s academic training includes a B.S. in Chemistry from Missouri Science and Technology and a M.Sc. in Learning and Developmental and Science from Indiana University. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Inquiry Methodology at Indiana University. His academic advisory committee includes Richard Lesh, Phil Carspecken, & Barbara Dennis. He is collaborating with Edward Castronova on his dissertation research.

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