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tony dimattes


      Hi, my name is Tony Dimattes, owner of the world renowned self defense weapon manufacturin g company named "GUARD DOG SECURITY". Guard dog security is a company which is fully committed to provide personal self defense, security and protection for everyday use with extremely effectual and reasonable products. With an all-embracing line of self-defense and security items, Guard Dog Security endeavors to defend you and your loved ones. As the economy continues to struggle, since the brutal crime is mounting due to which, the need of personal protection is at all-time highs. My company is trying for years to make such non lethal weapons which can help you to buy time in protecting you with your closed ones, without breaking any of the legal law. This is the reason why, Guard Dog Security has become the nation's most recognized tactical self defense brand, and is still gaining momentum in the marketplace. You can reach us via: Visit website - Business Email: Fax: 407-322-1099 Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 6:00pm EST You can even look for us at: Instagram: Youtube: Facebook: