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Trifon Atanassov


      Just Trifon in Facebook . (. . . id=1576315067) Do to others - like they do to you... Ready to accept new challenges / assignments. Es gibt nicht Schicksal, das ist kein Zufall... "Wer nichts ahnt, kann sich auch nicht schützen" Alles stimmt ! I am just Trifon... 'You' can 'judge' me if you can bear alone what I've endured so far in my life time! Remember - to 'count' all circumstances and facts .. the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated ALL FOUND FILES NAMED "ALL.Ako.svarjesh.neshtata.Letters" ("If you bind/connect the things"..!!!) ARE WITH CHANGED/ALTERED (BY POLITICAL POLICE IN BULGARIA) CONTENTS PARTIALLY - BY REASONS OF MISLEADING PEOPLE ABOUT ME AND MY COMMENTS.. ! ! ! Hypnosis B-12 KGD Declassified