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Ulduz Sobhi Afshar

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    -Gene Regulation & Chromatin Organization -Cancer Biology -Developmental Biology


    No Job can be more alluring and captivating like being a researcher and scientist. Every time I read a good article, my face lights up like a 5-year-old kid who can eat her most favorite candy everyday, forever. Also everyday, through articles, meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops or even during lunch with your colleagues you have the opportunity of constant learning and teaching and exchanging knowledge with other fellow scientists. (Although I also like to exchange knowledge and learn in musics, movies, books and soccer!)

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    • A Polymorphism in IRF4 Affects Human Pigmentation through a Tyrosinase-Dependent MITF/TFAP2A Pathway

      • Praetorius C
      • Grill C
      • Stacey S
      • et al.
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    Bogazici University

    February 2012 - October 2013(2 years)


    University of Tehran

    September 2006 - February 2011(4 years)