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Valeria De La Rosa-Reyes

  • University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
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Research interests

Electron Microscopy of NerveGeneticsCNTF signalingNerve regenerationNeurobiology


My project is studying optic nerve regeneration in Rana pipiens. We are looking which players and signaling are involve in the survival and regeneration of Retinal ganglion cells.


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Professional experience

undergraduate researcher

University of Virginia School of Medicine

May 2013 - August 2013(3 months)

undergraduate researcher

Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati

June 2012 - August 2012(2 months)


Ph.D. student

Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Ciencias Medicas

August 2014 - Present

Bachelor's in Biology

Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao

August 2010 - June 2014(4 years)