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Valeriya Slavnic


      Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst Who's afraid of the big bad wolf Big bad wolf, big bad wolf... 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 "Val never falls down, she just slips" - Claudia PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT Happiness. This is my life’s mission that will have to be achieved by the continuation of giving smiles to people through optimistic and realistic attitudes. Moreover, happiness to me means working hard, pursuing my interests, experiencing positive learning and taking negative with a grain of salt. In particular, my life’s mission is about taking risks and opportunities, have power over desires, as well as building a comfortable and successful relationship between benevolence, my family as well as my present and future career choices. In my life, I seek to have the courage to be a role model to my children, family and those around me for the reason of making the world a better place.