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Valery P. Vassiliev

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  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Thermodynamic AnalysisMateral ScienceThermodynamic of Alloys and Phase Diagrams


C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Surname: Vassiliev Name: Valery Date of birth: 25 December 1937 Birthplace: Moscow Nationality: Russian Civil Status: married Military service: retired Place of permanent residence: Ap.303, B.4, 10 St. Matveevskaya, Moscow, 119517 Official address: Chemical Department, Lomonosov University, Moscow, GSP 119991 Position at present: Professor and Leader Researcher in thelaboratory of Chemical Thermodynamic Language knowledge: French and English - reads, writes and speaks fluently, Grades and diplomas: Diploma in Chemistry (F 125314) delivered by the Ministry of the Higher Education in 1964, Moscow. Diploma of Droctor of Philosophy (Physical chemistry) (MXM 014663) delivered by the Higher Classification Commission in1973, Moscow. Diploma of the Senior Research (CH 025364) delivered by the Higher Classification Commission in 1981, Moscow. Diploma of Doctor of Physical Chemistry (DDH 004655) delivered by the Higher Classification Commission in 2007, Moscow. Dr. Valery Vassiliev is a professor and researcher in the laboratory of chemical thermodynamics of the Chemical Department in Lomonosov University (Moscow). He has more 100 scientific publications, concerning thermodynamic properties and phase of diagrams of semiconductor system systems AII-BIV, AII-BVI, AIII-BV, AIII-BVI and metallic systems on the basis of rare earth metals. He is the author of review papers for the Handbook "Thermic constants of compounds", edited by academician V. P. Glushko, Edition VINITI (All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information). Dr. V. Vassiliev leads some students' graduation papers, research of post-graduate students and researchers himself. He also gives lectures for students. From 1976 to 1990, he has been giving courses on «Technical thermodynamics» in the Polytechnic Institute (Moscow). Two post-graduate theses were defended, led by Dr. V. Vassiliev: «Thermodynamic properties intermediary phases in systems Gd-In, Er-In and Lu-In» (1979) and «Thermodynamic properties of the solid solutions of semiconductor alloys Hg-Cd-Te, Cd-Mn-Te and phases diagram CdTe-MnTe-Te» (1996). -2012 (4 month) and 2011 (3 months) he worked as a Associated Professor at the Huizhou University, China. -2007, he defended his doctoral dissertation on Physical Chemistry on the topic: “Thermodynamic Properties and Phases Equilibriums some Semi-Conductors Systems and those Metallic” -2002, Started in the Savoy University (Annecy, France) with the electromotive forces method with the solid electrolyte. -1999 he worked as a consultant at the plant metallurgical (La Ferté-Bernard) and in the laboratory of the Solid Stats Chemistry (Nancy, France). -1997 (9 months) he was invited by Prof. B. Legendre as Associated Professor in his laboratory of Physical Chemistry (Department of Pharmacy, Châtenay-Malabry, Université Paris 11). -1995 (6 months) and 1993 (4 months) worked in the laboratory of the metallurgical thermodynamic, director Prof. J. Hertz (Nancy University, France). -1991 (3 months), Dr. V. Vassiliev was invited by Genoese University (Italy) to give courses for third year students on "Potentiometric methods in the thermodynamic". At the same time, he fulfils his scientific work in the laboratory of Prof. R. Ferro. -From 1989 to 2000, Dr. V. Vassiliev has been collaborating from 3 to 4 months every year, with Professor J. P. Bros at Provence University (Marseilles, France) where he executes pedagogical and scientific work. During these years he led by three graduation papers and one post-graduate thesis in France. -From 1973 to 1975, he worked as a professor of the chair of applied chemistry at the National Institute of the Hydrocarbons in Bumerdes (Algeria), where he gave lectures: «Technical analysis» and "Mathematical treatment of results in chemistry". He also led some students who were finishing their graduation papers. -1972, he defended the thesis of Dr. Ph. (Physical Chemistry) on the topic: «Thermodynamic properties of alloys and phases of equilibriums in thallium-sulphur, thallium-selenium and thallium-tellurium systems in the solid state».

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