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Venkata Raghav


      I am fun loving guy....I'm gr8 person to be with, very talented and "Full of beans".....I love to hang out with friendly and fcuk d rest. No one can write abt ma life bcos it has not been on the surface 4 man 2 see........always n'joy be happy bcos.... Joy is everywhere, it is in earths green covering of grass, in blue serenity of sky, in reckless exuberence of spring,in perfect poise of human figure...... so guys make u r surroundings colourful ....make u r own DESTINY.... LIFE goes as it never ends ..... eyes of stone observe trends.... Once upon a time i loved ma past but now i'v gone forward.... I've realized i cannot love past while i'm in present..... ******D most imp point to be noted....***** I hate those people.. who hav made their profile like 2 make dis kinda impression that.... 'i dont talk with the people who r unknown 2 me'.... ██advice 4 them: plz dlt ur profile n chat with ur relatives n parents over u r mobile.....