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Venkata Ramana Murthy Mantha


      Vote of thanks to the year 2010 2010 is really special to me coz this is the year I've grown mentally a boy to man to some extent. [some people myt think still I've to.......may b thats true in few aspects]. Already I have seen many ups and downs in my life. 2010 has precisely taught me very good lessons regarding friends and llife. I've earned good friends and well wishers and learning how to move with them. Its very simple ----> U can love ur frns a lot but never ever expect the same amount from them. It will make ur life miserable. So neva.......! I like this caption and its 100% true. I've seen all the possible pricks financially as a student in this year (what a student can face). Gained individuality in making decisions, few of em were misfired but still......! Even at the end of the year its still testing my patience. Its been like blow after blow, continuous blows made me stronger enough to move ahead in lyf. Lets c how it goes in the new year 2011. Hope the best with the best efforts puttin in whatever we do. I strongly feel that God is there and will help me when I am sincere in my efforts. (hey please excuse me for copying this text from friends of friends as it relates to my life too as I don`t know the name of the person)

      Professional experience

      Research Associate

      Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

      August 2005 - November 2009(4 years)


      Master's Degree in Chemistry

      (University of Manitoba

      January 2010 - March 2012(2 years)