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Victor Khangulov

  • Ph.D.
  • Consultant
  • Boston Strategic Partners Inc.
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Recent publications

  • Association between laboratory test turnaround time and length of stay in the emergency department: a retrospective analysis of electronic health records.

    • Mitra D
    • Erdal E
    • Khangulov V
    • et al.
  • Impact of intravenous fluid composition on outcomes in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome.

    • Shaw A
    • Schermer C
    • Lobo D
    • et al.
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Professional experience


Boston Strategic Partners Inc.

February 2012 - Present

Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University

October 2011 - January 2012(3 months)

Ph.D. Candidate

Johns Hopkins University

September 2005 - October 2011(6 years)

Sr. Software Engineer

Rockwell Collins International

June 2001 - August 2005(4 years)


Ph. D.

Johns Hopkins University

September 2005 - October 2011(6 years)

B.A. in Chemistry and Computer Science

St. Mary's College of Maryland

September 1996 - May 2001(5 years)


PROFESSIONAL Consultant at Boston Strategic Partners Inc. As a Consultant, my work has been focused predominantly on the Heath Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) and Data Analytics projects. To every project, I bring a unique combination of extensive programming skills and market awareness to develop highly flexible and user-friendly economic models, to both inform clients’ strategy and provide powerful sales tools. ~~ Sr. Software Engineer at Rockwell Collins Simulation and Training For over four years I worked, in a team of engineers, on building flight simulators for national and international clients. I contributed to a number of Level D (full flight, full visual and full audio systems) certified simulators designed for Bombardier and Falcon jets and a King Air turboprop. One of the most challenging and enjoyable simulators to make was the TH-57 helicopter, commissioned by the NAVY with an added feature of landing on moving aircraft carriers. Majority of my focus was on developing software that models aircraft systems such a flight, electrical, cabin, and external environment. In addition, I developed modules for communication of the main simulation program with the visual and audio systems. Further, I worked on designing and developing GUIs for instructor and observer interfaces. During the certification process, when the communication between client and our team was of utmost importance, I engaged in customer support, training and trainer maintenance. I made extensive use of C and Fortran to implement the main simulation packages and Visual C++ and GTK+ to implement graphical interfaces and maintenance utilities. RESEARCH: Postdoctoral Fellow, PhD Candidate in the Dept. of Biophysics (Bertrand Garcia-Moreno's Lab) at Johns Hopkins University. As a postdoctoral fellow, I researched factors that determine pKa values of internal ionizable groups in proteins. Internal ionizable residues have been shown to play a critical role in most energy transduction processes that take place in living organisms (catalysis, ion-homeostasis, H+/e- transport, redox, photoactivation). Yet, the current computational methods often fail at the task of predicting pKa values of buried residues, mainly due to overestimation of energies (Born, Coulomb, etc.). Thus, it is of utmost importance to experimentally interrogate factors that affect internal ionizable residue and apply use our findings to bestow predictive power on computational methods. In my work, I am investigating Coulomb interaction between buried ionizable residue and surface charges, as well as structural relaxation response of the protein owing to ionization of an internal residue. I routinely made extensive use of experimental methods such as: Crystallography, NMR Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy, and mutagenesis. In addition to experimental methods, I used Continuum methods such as Finite Difference Poisson Boltzmann (FDPB) as well as all-atom Molecular Dynamics simulations (CHARMM, GROMACS) to gain understanding of experimentally inaccessible factors. I have extensively used Python, R, Fortran and MS Access to create scripts and programs for data processing, fitting, and storage.

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