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Vidhu Saxena

  • Designer
  • Krishi Star

    About you wanna know more about this guy huh? this is a really simple guy who loves to make friends, and make them laugh by cracking the wackiest PJs in the history of all times. (You will need to bear with him for the first time....but dude, then you will get addicted I promise.) Having fun is his favorite pastime (the side effect of it being that he always needs someone by his side.....a friend to talk have fun with). He is also a bit emotional and sensitive in maintaining relations and takes a lot of care of his friends and people whom he loves :)! A designer by profession, he also has a wilder that enjoys travelling, adventure sports and freakin wild expeditions. Of late, he has started dancing well. Dance has become so close to him....I dont think he ever did feel so intensely about dancing. It is perhaps the one thing that relieves him of all his worldly tensions! He love to watch movies......and someday dreams to be a director! :) But more than this he likes to make people watch movies with him (after he has seen the movie)! He makes one feel that life should be lived in a larger-than-life, hyper-dramatized way....all Bollywoodish style! Every emotion really lived and enjoyed. This guy really loves his family and friends.....has been blessed to find such loving people! I ENVY HIM! :P

    Professional experience


    Krishi Star

    October 2013 - Present


    The Danceworx

    February 2013 - August 2013(7 months)


    Anagram Architects

    February 2011 - July 2012(a year)


    Studio Code

    August 2010 - January 2011(6 months)


    NASA India

    March 2010 - January 2011(10 months)


    NASA India

    February 2009 - March 2010(a year)

    Zonal Representative, Zone-1

    NASA India

    December 2007 - February 2009(a year)


    UDA- Uday Dighe and Associates

    June 2008 - November 2008(5 months)