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Vidyottama Sanatana International Journal of Hindu Science and Religious Studies

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  • Institut Hindu Dharma Negeri Denpasar
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Research interests

Religious StudiesHindu Science


Vidyottama Sanatana International Journal of Hindu Science and Religious Studies (pISSN: 2550-0643 and eISSN: 2550-0651) is a Journal that aims to realize a more concrete and convincing typology and Hindu Knowledge epistemology to the world’s scientist, Denpasar State Hindu Dharma Institute as one of the institutions of scientific education, is responsible for exposing all the wealth of Hindu knowledge that seems to be buried in the bottom of the ocean. Exploration and socialization of Hindu knowledge is expected to contribute on the realization of the safe, harmonious, peaceful and prosperous world community, so that happiness is not only a fantasy in heaven, but become real in the world.


I Ketut Sudarsana

Editor in Chief

2017 - Present

Publications (5)

  • Pedanda Baka Story As Media Of Character Education Since Early Childhood

    • Nyoman Sudiani N
  • Teaching Hinduism For The Blinds: A Study On Hinduism Teaching And Learning In SLB A Negeri Denpasar

    • Gusti I
    • Agung N
    • Mahardika W
  • The Empowerment Of Role Of The Family In Developing Character Of Environmental Awareness In Elementary School-Age Children

    • Aria Prima Dewi K
  • The Implementation Of Character Education Through Java Language's Puja To Reinforce The Character Of Nation

    • Santi M
  • The Value Of Saemaul Undong : South Korea Community Character Booster

    • Kim Min K

Education history


Institut Hindu Dharma Negeri Denpasar

January 2005 - Present