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In order to research, study and disseminate findings on economic, social, cultural, geographical and political aspects of rural and rural development issues and to optimally utilize the scientific capabilities of researchers across the country, the necessity of publishing the Journal of Rural and Development Research and Research The study of the former rural issues was approved and emphasized and after the publication of 6 issues during the years 1366 to 1994, with the necessary approvals and permits, the first issue of Quarterly was published in 1997. In 2005, the Journal of Rural and Development gained a scientific-research degree and in 2008 was awarded the title of Top Journal in the 9th Festival of Honor of the Top Scholars on the basis of Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC).

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  • Strategic Analysis of Neighborhood Center Role in Sustainable Rural Tourism Development: A Case Study of Mianraz Village in Fuman County of Iran

    • A. Danaeinia; Z. Beigi
  • The Role of Agricultural Credit in Stabilization of Rural Population: A Case Study of Rural Settlements in Kashan Area of Iran

    • M. Taleshi; M. Ganjipour

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Village and Development Quarterly Journal

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