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Vladimir Martynov (V.A.Martynov)

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Телефон - (4752)518426; 89537017322. E-mail – Education: Educational institution - the Tambov institute of chemical mechanical engineering (nowadays Tambov state technical university) from 1976 to 1982; Specialty – "Technology of mechanical engineering, metal-cutting machines and tools"; Educational institution – Rybinsk accounting college from 01.02.1993 till 01.08.1993 in absentia. Qualification – "Accountant". Educational institution - the Tambov state university of G.R. Derzhavin from 1998 to 2000; graduate student. The academic degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences is appropriated. Professional development: 1. The program of professional development in MRTsPK of the Tambov state technical university, February-March, 2002. The direction – "The organization and tendering (competitions) on purchase of production for the state needs"; 2. The program of professional development in Public Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Volga Region Academy State Services of P. A. Stolypin, November – December, 2004; The Direction – "The public and municipal administration". Work: 1. From 01.06.2012 on N/BP. - Management on regulation of tariffs of administration of the Tambov region. Position - the Deputy chief of control and analytical department. 2. From March 10, 2011 to March 23, 2012 – the Tambov regional state budgetary institution "Regional Center of Energy Saving"; Position – the deputy director. The organization and performance of work for power inspections of the organizations, installation of metering devices, performance of actions of the regional program of energy saving, to conducting monitoring of energy consumption and target indicators of energy saving, holding seminars and advanced training courses on energy saving, attraction of financial resources to the sphere of energy saving, etc. 3. From June 22, 2001 to 17.01.2011 - the Regional power commission of administration of the Tambov region (since July 1, 2006 it is transformed to committee on state regulation of tariffs of area); Position – the vice-chairman. State regulation of tariffs for thermal energy and the prices of the natural and liquefied gas, check of validity of accounting of costs of the adjustable organizations of production and transfer of energy resources and formation of tariffs and the prices for consumers. 4. From August 16, 1996 to June 22, 2001 – Department of the industry, transport, communication and development of business of administration of the Tambov region (it is transformed to committee on the industry, communication and development of business of administration of the region); Positions – the chief specialist, the consultant managing sector, the head of department. Development and implementation of programs of development of the industry and power of area, financial and economic analysis of work of the enterprises, development of actions for increase in production stimulation, attraction of investments, etc. 5. From February 3, 1992 to August 16, 1996 – the Tambov territorial administration of the state committee RSFSR on the antimonopoly policy and support of new economic structures. Supervision of observance of the antitrust law, identification of antimonopoly violations in the sphere of economic activity, the analysis of financial and economic documents of the organizations having signs of violations, identification of exclusively high prices, the analysis of the commodity markets, etc. Positions - the expert of the I category, the leading expert - the head of group of the prices, the acting head of department, the economic adviser; 6. From February 06, 1989 to January 31, 1992 – the Tambov plant "Komsomolets"; Positions – the design engineer of the I category, the process engineer of the I category, the engineer of Construction Department. I ran bureau of capacities and new equipment. Implementation of programs of modernization of plant: acquisition of the new equipment taking into account plans for release of new products, calculation of capacities, development of plannings of optimum placement of the equipment, sites and lines at the enterprise, the organization of planning of development and maintenance of production of new types of equipment, compression molds, etc., including on the basis of rationalization proposals for use in the main production 7. From September 23, 1986 to January 30, 1989 – the Tambov research institute of radio engineering "Air" (TNIIR "Air"). Position – the process engineer of 3 categories. Development of the production technology of products, assessment of technological effectiveness of new development. 8. From January 02, 1985 to September 22, 1986 - the Tambov plant "Elektropribor" Position – the process engineer. Development of technologies of assembly works, technological maintenance of production of products. 9. From February 20, 2004 to December 17, 2004 – Michurinsk instrument-making plant "Progress". Position – the process engineer. Development of technologies of metalworking and assembly works, technological maintenance of production. products. 10. From July, 1982 to December, 1983 service in army, the person liable for call-up, the senior lieutenant of a stock. Additional labor skills: - Teaching activity from 1998 to 2009 (the associate professor finance and the taxation of TGU of G.R. Derzhavin – in combination). I gave lectures and I gave a practical training in disciplines: "Bases of activity of the tax inspections", "The organization of tax audits", "Federal taxes and fees from the organizations", "Taxes on natural persons", Money, the credit, banks" , etc. - Advanced PC user. I own programs: MicrosoftWord, Excel, Paint, and also reference systems "Guarantor", "Konsultant-Plus". Additional information: - During work I have 8 awards, encouragement and thanks, including, it is awarded by the Certificate of honor of the Tambov region, a medal to the 75 anniversary of the Tambov region; - Since 1990 it is written and published in collections and magazines of 38 scientific and scientific and methodical works; - As the main qualities I consider diligence, responsibility and skill to communicate. My social and scientific network: Researcher ID: Q-4945-2017 - - Figshare - Mendeley - Researchgate - Science-Community - GitHub - Scientbook - Scipeople - Socionet - Scientists In Russia (Ученые России) - Correspondence electronic conferences (Заочные электронные конференции) - Russian State Library (Российская государственная библиотека) – Elsevier Facebook - Twitter - В контакте Одноклассники

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Professional experience

кандидат экономических наук, доцент кафедры финансы и налогообложение по совместительству

Тамбовский государственный университет им. Г.Р.Державина

September 1998 - January 2010(11 years)

экономический советник

антимонопольное управление ГКАП РФ

February 1992 - August 1996(5 years)


аспирант кафедры политической экономии

Тамбовский государственный университет им. Г.Р.Державина

September 1998 - November 2000(2 years)


Тамбовский государственный технический университет

September 1976 - June 1982(6 years)


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