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Wei Seng HO

  • PhD
  • Senior Lecturer
  • University of Malaysia Sarawak
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Research interests

transcriptomics & informatics - Biomarker discovery - Molecular plant breeding via association mapping- Translational genomics - Plant genomics


Apart from teaching and research, he remains an active participant or member in various organizations and committees at university/faculty/department level. Among others are UNIMAS Representative (Stakeholder) for the Global Plan Action for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of PGFRA in Malaysia, MOA-MARDI-FAO project, Institution Representative (Sarawak Region) and Member for Genetics Society of Malaysia (PGM), Member for Malaysian Society for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MSMBB), Member for FRST Research and Publication Committee, Secretary for Recombinant DNA Techniques Workshop (Department of Molecular Biology), Chairman for the MABIC-MOE-MPBCRC (Australia) Biotechnology Awareness Workshop, Chairman for the Next Generation Sequencing Technologies Workshop (PGM-FRST-illumina-Beijing Genomics Institute, BGI) and etc. He had also appointed as a peer reviewer for several international and national journals related to his areas of expertise. He also served as Coordinator of Industrial Training Programme for the Faculty from 2009-2011, Coordinator of Practical for Biology Courses, a joint cooperative effort between FRST-UNIMAS and Faculty of Science and Technology, Open University of Malaysia (OUM) from 2006-2010 and in 2004 co-authored the teaching module - Environmental Biology, and etc.


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Publications (5)

  • Identification and analysis of expressed sequence tags present in xylem tissues of kelampayan (Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.) Bosser)

    • Ho W
    • Pang S
    • Abdullah J
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  • Sequence Variation in the Cellulose Synthase ( SpCesA1 ) Gene from Shorea parvifolia ssp . parvifolia Mother Trees

    • Wei Seng H
    • Ling P
    • Lau P
    • et al.
  • Determination of genetic relatedness of selected individual trees of Shorea leprosula Miq . and Dipterocarpus cornutus Dyer in forest seed production areas

    • Ratnam, Wickneswari and Wei Seng H
  • Foundation Establishment by Toray Industries , Inc ., Japan . The Foundation is registered with and recognized by the Malaysian

    • Establishment F
    • Objective F
    • Activities F
    • et al.
  • SQOE I FUNDAMENTALS OF ENVIRONMENTAL ( Integrated Water Resources Management )

    • Wei Seng H

Professional experience

Senior Lecturer

University of Malaysia Sarawak

September 2002 - Present



Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia