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Wilfredo, Jr. Carreon

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  • Dean, College of Business and Accountancy
  • Jose Rizal Memorial State University
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who am i??? People may seem so curious about a person's background ... me, myself and i... i grew up in Bonbon, Oslob, Cebu... from a poor family... I am the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfredo N. Carreon, Sr. I completed elementary education at Nueva Caceres Elementary School and high school at Saint Mary's Academy of Oslob Cebu.... Financial problems have always been the most cruel aspect of my life as i stopped for 5 years prior to my studies in commercial education in Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. Despite the hardships i've encountered, I managed to send my five siblings to college with their chosen degres, while i took my master's degree in Public Administration at Medina College, Ozamiz City. Every endeavor that I have was well blessed by the Almighty. My siblings are now all professionals. More to that, I finished my doctorate degree in Management at Negros Oriental State University in Dumaguete City Philippines. With all these hardships and endeavors, I never forget, that whatever happens - be it good or bad - GOD is there to lend a helping hand. I was able to land a job at Jose Rizal Memorial State College (now Jose Rizal Memorial State University) in June 2004. I was endowed with different talents which brought me to the heights of my career as I am now the dean of the College of Business and Accountancy of JRMSU, Dapitan City. I also have lecture sessions in the graduate school of business and public administration in the same With all those years of hardships, I gained more confidence to face adversities which made me a stronger person. God has never left me over those years... I was well provided then.. A lot of people may question the way I climbed up the pedistal, but to me, everything that happens in my life is with a purpose and I have to treasure and nurture it until such time that somebody would tell me that i am no longer needed. God has been so kind because HE has provided me with possibilities over impossibilities; belief over doubt; and strength over weaknesses. I may be a different person from what I was before ... but what differs is the WHO AM I ... I'm just so blessed that I cannot let it pass without telling everyone the things that happened in my life with the LORD that I believe who is the sole provider of everything. A lot of people may not have recognized what I have done, but there is one GOD who believes in my abilities and capabilities, and it is from HIM - THE STRONGEST WALL THAT I LEAN ON - that i got all the sources of survival despite the many trials. GOD has been so good ever since that HE gave me parents who were so understanding of WHO I AM. He gave me siblings who care and support in all my undertakings. Much to that, GOD gave me the best source of inspiration - THE PEOPLE I SERVE. In this life's journey, I will always believe that whatever happens, it happens for a purpose... LIFE IS WHAT WE MAKE IT - but GOD let things happen the way we are worthy of. It is a great pain that we cannot please everyone, but nobody's perfect therefore, we have no right to claim for such matters that we are NEVER capable of giving - that is being able to impress everyone you meet along the way. LIFE is brief. Let's make the most out of it... Laugh, cry, sing, dance, worship and be merry and never waste a bit of every moment that would lead to uncertainties. GOD is there for all of us. Good things happen, bad things may come... These are all part of our existence. The way we exist is how we make our life to be. We may be warriors of unpleasant happenings and at the end we feel rewarded... well, that's good enough ... but it is always wise to think before we act... There may be instances in which we do not understand why things happen the way want it to... well, think of your CREATOR and you will find answers to your questions. There are just very few things that needs to be done in order to have a near to perfect life... LOVE, LISTEN, LEARN AND LIVE. When you love, you cannot afford to hurt others. When you listen, you build relationships and you learn alot from it; and LIVE the way you want life to be. Speak your truth and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant, they too have their stories (DISEDERATA). Have a happy and meaningful life everyone....

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Dean, College of Business and Accountancy

Jose Rizal Memorial State University

June 2004 - Present


Doctor of Management

Negros Oriental State University

October 2003 - October 2008(5 years)

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