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Xavier Fiego Diaz

  • National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia - Lleida Campus

    Research interests

    cross country skiphysiology of sport & exercisesports nutritionstrength trainingtriathloncyclingenduranceSports performance


    At the moment I am in my last year of university career, carrying out my work of final of grade "TFG", which consists on validating a new device who predicts the lactate threshold, it's a non invasive and wearable tecnology. This study carries out it in the laboratory of the center INEFC Lleida, where I compare the device (BSX Insight) with the classic tests of effort with blood lactate. The aim of this study is to determine the levels of agreement between the WLT (Wearable lactate threshold) derived lactate threshold workload and traditonal methods of lactate threshold (LT) calculation.



    Institut Nacional d'Educacio Fisica de Catalunya - Campus Lleida